Gheorghe Zamfir–Invertita

What is Non-Fiction in The Gift of Diamonds?

  • Autobiographical information and scenes based on the author’s life and her family’s escape from Romania to the U.S.
  • Fascism in Romania.
  • Holocaust:
    • Jews were sold to leave Romania after WW ll and Ceausescu received cash from the Israeli Mossad.
    • Official Report made by President, Basescu and Elie Wiesel (2010) about Fascism in Romania, with the Romanian government’s confirmation of their guilt. This report was one of the requirements for Romania’s entry into the European Union.
  • Communism in Romania – more than 2 million Romanians were killed during  this period. On September 30, 2013, article in The New York Times about this subject.
  • Terrorism in Romania:
    • Arafat, Gaddafi and Ceausescu establish nuclear programs together.
    • Ceausescu establishes atomic energy programs and research facilities in the Carpathian Mountains and Black Sea.
    • Ceausescu trains Arafat’s PLOs in Romania.
    • Ceausescu serves as intermediary for Norway to sell India heavy water for centrifuges (used as a coolant) and nuclear development, which was against the IAEA and international law.
    • Gaddafi information taken from Wiki Leaks Information.
    • Gaddafi and Carlos the Jackal.
    • Gaddafi and Ceausescu meet in Tripoli and do business together as bombing in Paris and bombing of Radio Free Europe in Munich.
    • Dr. Mengele, his work at Auschwitz and his escape to South America.
  • Gypsy legends.
  • Notes at the end of the novel with factual information for the reader and photo of historical characters used in the book.
  • Visit the Reader’s  Guide and Factual Resources for documented information and newspaper articles about all the above non-fictional topics.

What is Fiction in The Gift of Diamonds?

  • Mica’s voyage
  • Transylvania’s geography – the author takes liberties, poetic license, so Mica can escape more easily to the Romanian-Hungarian border.
  • Dr. Mengele’s involvement with diamonds.
  • Diamonds’ stories – some true, some not, most based on legend
  • Dates of Ceausescu’s business deals altered to synchronize with the story line (but the details are factual and documented on the novel’s website).

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