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World Affairs in Foreign Films by Roberta Seret

Teaching Global Education to Students

World Affairs in Foreign Films offers teachers and students of middle school the opportunity to experience foreign cultures through the power of film.

Students are visual learners and film has the power to capture their imagination and take them to places that they have never known before. Seeing is believing, and to be transported into the middle of a foreign country as it is presently and then to discuss it, enhances visual stimuli, analysis, retention and comprehension.

Through Dr. Seret’s methodology of using film,  students are introduced to 9 lenses of inter-related, multi-disciplinary academic perspectives: World History; Geography; Economics; Civics, Citizenship and Government; World literature; Media Studies; Creative writing /Critical thinking/ Philosophy; Art; and Technology.

In addition, her pedagogical methodology also works well digitally. Dr. Seret have created and implemented  FILMeds ©, a new digital approach using the screen/ computer to teach students about international events. This approach is used in conjunction with accompanying film chapters in the textbook. FILMeds is a digital, multi-disciplinary video using film clips and images to analyze an award-winning film from a representative country through inter-related perspectives: geography, history, Human Rights, politics, and Media Studies. Questions for discussion are incorporated in the video and serve as a guide for the teacher. The screening of FILMeds catapults group discussion and communication using global issues, which are reinforced with activities and information from the corresponding film chapter in the text. Students can access the FILMeds on their own – at home, in the classroom, in the library – and hone their technology skills.

World Affairs in Foreign Films: Middle School Edition
World Affairs in Foreign Films (Middle School Edition) by Roberta Seret
World Affairs in Foreign Films
World Affairs in Foreign Films, by Roberta Seret











What are FILMeds?

  • FILMeds consist of several film clips and scenes woven together in a digital video format.
  • FILMeds are a digital companion to the multi-disciplinary book World Affairs in Foreign Films by Roberta Seret (McFarland Publishers).
  • FILMeds include lessons in geography, history, government and human rights that offer an introduction to global hot-spots.
  • FILMeds include questions to stimulate classroom and group discussions about a country’s geopolitical position.

For more information on International Cinema and the FILMeds© project, please visit our website: https://internationalcinemaeducation.wordpress.com/

To view a FILMed sample on  YouTube, please click here: