The Gift of Diamonds

Sándor Déki Lakatos–Gypsy Song

SUMMARY: The Gift of Diamonds

Author: Roberta Seret, Ph.D.
84,260 words

The Gift of Diamonds combines different literary genres; historical fiction, coming-of-age, women’s literature, and spy-thriller. It is book one of a 3-book series with audio book: Book One: The Gift of Diamonds; Book 2: Love Odyssey, Book 3: Treasure Hunt, and audiobook Memory Chest. (Detailed content can be found on book’s website

The Gift of Diamonds is an exciting tale of intrigue featuring Mica, a determined and passionate seventeen-year-old girl fleeing Communism in 1965. Taking the reader on a riveting ride from Romania to Hungary to America as she escapes with rare, colored diamonds, Mica takes risks and faces many obstacles until she becomes autonomous in New York at twenty years old. It is then that she is finally able to fulfill her dream of bringing her parents to America. However, in order to complete her journey, she must return to Transylvania where her story begins in the Prologue, twenty-four years later in 1989 to complete her quest and find peace.

The story begins in communist Transylvania in 1965. Mica, an aspiring actress realizes that her covertly political parents have been arrested by the Secret Police. Escaping alone at night in a perilous journey, she crosses the borer and seeks political asylum in the American Embassy in Budapest, Hungary.

On her own for the first time, Mica learns to be self-reliant. She translates documents and learns secrets about Fascism, Communist and the beginning stages of terrorism involving Ceausescu and his nuclear business partners. She is torn between revealing these truths or keeping them secret for fear of repercussions. But she is never free of the secret that the diamonds she escapes with were owned by Auschwitz prisoners and may have passed through Dr. Mengele’s hands. She fears they are blood diamonds- cursed. With help from Embassy officials, she applied for a visa to the U.S. Her goal is to use the diamonds as a vehicle to secure her parents’ safe passage top America. But until she gets to her uncle in New York and sells her diamonds at Sotheby’s, she experiences and survives high-risk adventures, spying, and rape, and even a medical crisis.

Mica moves in with her Uncle Simion and is wife Diane, a childless couple. At first, Simion is greedy and untrusting- she’s worried that he won’t share the sale of the diamonds with her. Incredibly savvy, Mica finds the best place to sell the diamonds. Staying in a hotel by herself, she falls in love with her adopted city. She successfully sells the diamonds and becomes a cause célèbre. She settles into life with her uncle and aunt and begins planting the seeds to bring her parents to America. She goes to Julliard and becomes a dancer. She battles and triumphs over disease as the diamonds she escaped with carry bad luck, as she had feared. Once cured, she finds love, when she meets Andre, a medical student. Through it all, Mica works with lawyers tirelessly who help her and Simion navigate through tough waters of political red tape. After three years, a plan is created whereby twenty-year-old Mica can return to Romania, and release her parents. In the exciting and rousing climax, Mica’s willful perseverance makes possible the reunion about which she’s never stopped dreaming.

However, twenty-four years later, she is still haunted by her guilt of having used diamonds that had once belonged to Auschwitz prisoners, who did not live while she did. She tries to absolve her guilt by not using the proceeds from the diamonds for any other reason than to buy her parents’ freedom and to set up an adoption agency for Romanian orphans. These good works are not enough. It is in the Epilogue that we learn how Mica finally finds redemption and peace.

*    *    *