The Gift of Diamonds

Sándor Déki Lakatos–Gypsy Song


Mica, the 16-year-old protagonist, journeys through the political events of Romania’s past 75 years. Through her adventures, we experience the country’s horrific periods of Fascism, Communism and Terrorism.

The story line takes the reader to Romania 1965. It begins when Mica, an aspiring actress trapped in communist Transylvania, realizes that her parents have been arrested by the secret police. Escaping alone at night in a perilous journey, she crosses the border and seeks political asylum at the American Embassy in Hungary. But she is never free of the secret that she has escaped with her family’s cache of rare colored diamonds that may be cursed. Will these diamonds bring bad luck or good luck?

With help from Embassy officials, Mica applies for a visa to the U.S. Her goal is to use the diamonds as a vehicle to secure her parents’ safe passage to America. But until she gets to her uncle in New York and sells her diamonds, she is tried in ways beyond her age with high-risk adventures, intrigues of spying and even hardships.

Parallel to Mica’s voyage to freedom is the story of Dr. Mengele at Auschwitz. Throughout the story, as a leitmotif, the narrator describes Mengele’s atrocities. Mica realizes the green and red diamonds she possesses have passed through Mengele’s hands.

Once in New York, Mica tries to free her parents from communist Romania. But what Mica does not know is that behind the scenes in Ceausescu’s palaces, the dictator is setting the stage for Terrorism with Gaddafi and Arafat. What she witnesses is horrific and pertinent to today’s world. History tells us that all this is true and Ceausescu resonates as the father of modern-day Terrorism. Romania under Ceausescu f0r 24 years exemplifies how fascism lead to communism, which set the seeds for global terrorism.

Mengele, Arafat, Gaddafi and Ceausescu merge as evil villains and Mica identifies with all the victims before her who have tried to survive totalitarian regimes. The stories of these historical characters are little known but factual, and the narratives about the colored diamonds are part-true and legendary. Mystery and history intermix to recreate a startling picture of what it entails to overcome tragedies. Like a kaleidoscope of prismatic colors, the colored diamonds become a metaphor for Mica’s quest and survival. Non-fiction and fiction merge and The Gift of Diamonds becomes an adventure story that pulsates with passion and hope.